Youth Substance Abuse Outpatient Services

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Choosing a Better Tomorrow

Youth Substance Abuse Outpatient offers a holistic approach to substance use treatment that promotes enhanced self-sufficiency and self-esteem, while targeting the resolution of underlying chemical dependency.

This six (6) to twelve (12) week program utilizes a variety of Evidence-Based practices and strategies to assist youth ages 11 to 18 in building and sustaining a substance free lifestyle.

  • Individual Counseling |  Specialized harm reduction strategies to encourage healthy lifestyle development.
  • Family Counseling |  Developing and reestablishing open communication and healthy relationship practices.
  • Case Management |  Monitoring and tracking treatment progress to assist youth in accessing additional resources.
  • Drug Screening |  Offering a variety of drug screenings for youth who are at risk or have a history of substance abuse. *

Our staff specializes in comprehensive screening, assessment, and treatment of youth with substance misuse and mental health disorders. We strive to reduce the barriers to accessing appropriate treatment by integrating services effectively and efficiently into the family's lifestyle.

* All participants complete a standard drug screening at the time of appointment and must achieve 30 consecutive days of sobriety upon completing treatment goals to be eligible for successful program completion.

What should I bring to my first appointment?
  • Personal Identification (if available) | student ID, Driver's License, or Passport
  • Proof of Parent/Guardian income | tax return, W2, pay stub, or 1099 form
  • Proof of insurance (if applicable) | insurance or medicaid card
  • Referral Information (if applicable)
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