Re-entry Services

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Leveraging Interventions for Transformations (LIFT) program is a vocational training and case management program for non-violent criminal offenders based at the Leon County Jail. The program is founded in increasing the employability of incarcerated adults and facilitates successful transition back into society in order to reduce recidivism in the criminal justice system. The program utilizes an array of human service interventions to transform the numerous barriers experienced by adult offenders and enable them to become independent, self-sufficient citizens of their communities.

LIFT is designed to accommodate each client’s vocational and community needs in order increase employability and reduce criminality. The program provides comprehensive assessment, vocational and life skills training, employment placement and monitoring, and wrap-around services and aims to anticipate participant’s needs prior to release in order to reduce recidivism and ensure individual success.

The program is funded by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners and works in conjunction with the Leon County Public Safety Coordinating Council.

Since the program inception in 2010, LIFT has assisted over 192 clients with and average success rate of 85% for job placement, job attainment, and/or post-secondary educational placement and completion. Of the clients who have participated and completed the program, less than 30% have been re-arrested and more than 95% of the clients who have participated and completed the LIFT program have remained engaged, participate and seek the assistance of the LIFT program after being released from incarceration.

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    Carolyn "Freda" King MS, CAP