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Central Intake Assessment Services

Through utilization of a central intake unit, DISC Village is able to provide comprehensive assessment, outpatient, case management and referral services for substance and alcohol abusing adults. Processing and assessment time varies per consumer. Resulting service referrals are made to other DISC Village programs and/or other community agencies based upon individual need. Referrals may be voluntary “self referral” or a judicial condition for probation or parole. Admission is voluntary for adults seeking treatment for substance abuse and other co-occurring behavioral health issues such as mental health issues. During the initial consultation session, an evidence-based assessment of the individual’s and family’s needs and suitability for outpatient treatment is determined.


The consultation is confidential and without obligation to enter the program. Should an individual be considered inappropriate for the outpatient component, a referral to another program or service will be provided.
Outpatient services are provided by trained professionals experienced in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals and their families with substance use and other behavioral health disorders. We are committed to quality prevention, intervention, outpatient treatment and aftercare services directed toward long-term recovery. Free HIV testing and education is also available.


Leon County Central Intake Office

  • 1000 W. Tharpe St., Suite 2
    Tallahassee, FL 32303

  • Telephone:  (850) 561-0717
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About DISC Village

DISC Village, a non-profit community-based agency, has been in operation for nearly 40 years and is one of the largest and most comprehensive prevention, intervention and treatment agencies in Florida. Through the years, DISC Village has become recognized as a leader in the state for initiating, managing, and coordinating delinquency and substance abuse prevention/intervention programs in Leon County and North Florida.

The agency grew from a Drug Information Service Center located on the grounds of Florida State University.

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